cardinalThe mission of Kansas Audubon includes promoting the enjoyment, understanding, protection, of al types of birds. We seek to establish a culture of understanding whether its wild birds or pet birds and all that matter to each.

A site to promote appreciation and stewardship, with special emphasis on conservation of bird sanctuaries, birds, pet birds, companion birds, other wildlife and their habitats.

Seeking to fulfill our mission by working cooperatively with individuals and groups representing a wide variety of interests with like minded goals to promote birds and bird consevration.

Why should we be concerned with bird conservation?

Birds bring pleasure to people everyday. In fact more than 63 million Americans are enthusiastic bird watchers and that number is growing.

To benefit bird conservation, wild birds need to be monitored. After data has been gathered, research can be done into the reasons for the decline of certain species, but from this data we can also protect them.

Birds require sufficient habitat to provide a continuous food source as well as nesting places. We can all help in that regard.

Your assistance in bird conservation may vary according to your resources (time, money etc), however, any small effort will be a positive contribution to the continuation of our many bird species.

If you are interested in bird conservation, contact either your local government or a non-profit organization to find out how you can help with conserving native bird species.